#210 Updated activities overview design for GNOME 40 / F34
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The design of gnome-shell's activities overview is being updated for GNOME 40 / F34 (see the announcement). This issue is for tracking how we handle and respond to this from a workstation perspective.

Some potential dimensions to this:

  1. Validation and evaluation - are we confident that the new design meets the needs and interests of our target users?
  2. Communication and PR with our users - ensuring that the Fedora community knows what's going on, promoting the new design with our user base
  3. Testing and QA
  4. Managing the transition for existing users - this can include ensuring compatibility between the new and the old design, onboarding, documentation
  5. Ensuring continuity - extension compatibility, ability to revert some of the design changes for those who want to

When we discussed this during yesterday's meeting, we agreed to make the design available to test asap (in rawhide and/or an F33 copr) and to do a Fedora Magazine article to explain and promote the new design.

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It will be great to set a weekly test day for the redesigned GNOME Shell Overview including usability. Speaking as Design Suite Lab maintainer using Fedora Worksation as a base.

I have talked with Florian about landing the upcoming changes in rawhide. We agreed to the following plan:
- merge the bulk of the changes upstream
- get a 40.alpha.2 snapshot out once thats done
- build it for rawhide

Aiming to get this done by end of January, and fall back to doing a rawhide build from the branch, if things haven't been merged upstream by then.

You can try the new design using this copr.

@catanzaro Thank you for the link. I will test with my convertible laptop which supports both touchscreen and stylus.

I would love to see a self-contained Change submitted for this. That will help us with publicity.

Change Checkpoint: Proposal submission deadline (Self Contained Changes) Tue 2021-01-19

  1. Testing and QA

We (Fedora QA) can help with this. For start, I was thinking about something like two test weeks. One at the end of January (that would ensure plenty of testing asap), the other closer to Fedora 34 Beta to ensure we ship a stable and reliable Beta (I expect there would be lot's of changes in GNOME UX redesign happening in February).

As for Testcases, I think we can reuse some general GNOME TCs [0] (not all of them, I think we should still do a generic GNOME testday at a later point) and some TCs specific to the UX change itself and stuff around. I'll have something ready by Tuesday/Wednesday.

What do you think?

[0] https://testdays.fedoraproject.org/events/91

Looks like @michaeltunnell released a video about GNOME Shell 40 UX changes that's fairly positive (and fairly interesting!).

Upstream merging is underway now

Discussed again at today's meeting. Everything seems to be going well. Allan is still working on a Fedora Magazine article, but it's time to consider this resolved.

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