#205 Please revert the recent change to the Third party repository wiki page
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago by aday. Opened 3 years ago by ankursinha.

Someone pointed out on Ask Fedora that the wiki page related to the third party repos that Gnome Software linked to has been edited to remove all the information there and instead simply point to the FESCo policy page.


The wiki page contained more than just the policy, it also contained a list of these the third party repos included in the workstation and where applicable, FOSS alternatives to them. This info was very very useful to users. Here's the diff:


This is the FESCo policy page it now directs to that has no mention of the actual repos etc.:

The FESCo page isn't even workstation specific. It's just a general set of guidelines. So now, users are sent from Gnome Software to a FESCo policy page that frankly is not meant for consumption by by end-users. Now users have even less information on the third party repos that are included than they had before.

Can this change be reverted please?

Thanks for reporting this @ankursinha ! I've just reverted that page.

This is the point where I ask why we thought it was a good idea to link to a wiki page. :frowning:

Thanks @aday!

I think there wasn't anything else back then so I'd written that up as a temporary thing to link to---it should probably be migrated somewhere in docs now? Not sure where though. :/

it should probably be migrated somewhere in docs now? Not sure where though. :/

Maybe the Workstation Working Group should migrate its documentation off the wiki and start a docs repo for itself...

I've created #215 to track the reliability issue.

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