#181 F34: Drop qt 4 from Workstation default install
Closed: Fixed a year ago by kalev. Opened 2 years ago by kalev.

When we originally added qt 4 to Workstation default install, we had two reasons (from memory):

1) pre-install it so that Qt based apps don't need to do a large download
2) pre-install it so that we can install desktop integration: adwaita theming and ibus.

Most Qt apps have now migrated from Qt 4 to Qt 5. I think it's time to drop Qt 4 from default Workstation install in F34.

Packages on Workstation install media requiring qt 4:

18:39 < cmurf> adwaita-qt4
18:39 < cmurf> dbusmenu-qt
18:39 < cmurf> ibus-qt

When we drop those, we lose the desktop integration but as most apps have migrated to Qt 5 by now, I think it's fine if the odd Qt 4 app looks a bit out of place.

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2 years ago

+1 from me, because Qt 4 is no longer maintained in upstream.

I have also dropped Qt 4 support in Adwaita-qt recently so upcoming releases will support only Qt 5.

+1 from me too

It'd be good to reach out to the maintainers of those packages, so they have a heads up.

Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-Rawhide-20210116.n.1.iso has the following:


Removing qt removes the above and also removes


Frees 56M

thank you @chrismurphy! This looks sane to me. @kalev can you please do the comps changes?

This should be done as pointed by Kalev, but needs to be verified.

I just checked and qt 4 is nicely gone from today's compose.

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a year ago

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