#17 fedora-workstation-repositories not in default install
Closed: Can't fix 4 years ago Opened 5 years ago by pfrields.

Need to track down who was to get this into default image and how.

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5 years ago

Current status is that Stephen was not happy about adding repositories outside the fedora-repos package, and we'll probably have to retire fedora-workstation-repos and replace it with a fedora-repos-workstation subpackage.

Resolved in meeting today:
* FESCo ruling was clarified, it is OK for the WG to maintain its own repo package and this seems like best route (thank you @sgallagh)
* @uraeus will ensure Council reviews finalized draft of 3rd party repo policy and supports, so we can go forward with fedora-workstation-repos package rather than a subpackage that bottlenecks on rel-eng


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5 years ago

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5 years ago

We are now installing fedora-workstation-repositories from gnome-software instead. Putting it into the default install is no go as per recent Council decision.

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4 years ago

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