#168 Split out video thumbnailing into a subpackage
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This was one of the items that came out of our default apps discussion today. Apparently video thumbnailing is part of totem, and therefore gets broken if you remove the app.

It was suggested that either thumbnailing should be split out of totem, or the app should be made non-removable.

CC @hadess

Any volunteers to help with this? @hadess or @kalev, perhaps?

I went ahead and did it in totem-3.38.0-4.fc34, https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/totem/c/fa714168a00a1f13e11e56987959e0d12f3919e9?branch=rawhide

We also need another change on silverblue side to actually pull in the new totem-video-thumbnailer package.

And here's the Silverblue side change: https://pagure.io/workstation-ostree-config/c/8be943cc459d83c9d7eadb9b560f4ff4b0d0c489?branch=f34

Now it needs testing to make sure that thumbnails actually work with totem-video-thumbnailer added.

This was already tracked in https://github.com/fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker/issues/110 where I explained that it might not be a good idea for Fedora, given that there would be nothing to drag in the necessary codecs.

I'm confused, how is splitting the thumbnailer at all related to codecs?

It's explained in the issue I linked:

A Flatpak'ed totem can't install system codec packages, a stand-alone totem-video-thumbnailer doesn't have a way to trigger codec installation. The end result is that the thumbnailer on Silverblue has severely reduced functionality with no clear way on how to correct that.

Hm, I'm not sure how to fix Silverblue. :( We should try to develop a plan to fix that.

That said, Silverblue (future product) shouldn't hold back Workstation (current product). We've already determined that users must be able to remove almost all preinstalled apps -- with a few specific exceptions -- without breaking core system functionality, like video thumbnailing. So the thumbnailer must be separate in Workstation.

totem-video-thumbnailer exists - I think we can close this.

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