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If we're going to switch to btrfs, we will need easy to find docs for common tasks. Some obvious topics to cover:

  • Getting started - terminology, key concepts, basic commands
  • Problems and recovery
  • Reinstalling and preserving /home using Anaconda

@dcavalca mentioned that this is already in progress, which is great. Once the docs are in place, it would be good to test whether a Google search successfully returns the documentation for relevant keywords.

Docs working draft is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16yt7uUrJG5uJ_JIVvGGXs94MWIHUAqS7gJws7edilF8/edit?usp=sharing

If anybody would like to contribute I'm happy to add you as an editor (and if there's a better platform than gdocs to do this kind of stuff, I'm all ears). Once the content is mostly settled I'll reformat this and send a PR to https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/quick-docs to get it added there.

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2 years ago

This could use a refresh, or act as a table of contents or FAQ type of landing page that points elsewhere.

bcotton suggests replacing the content in the above wiki with links to the change proposal, and anything else useful. i.e. make it a sort of landing page.

This whole thing needs a review for things related to btrfs, swap, default, ext4, encryption, and recommendations for partitioning...


I'm plotting to update these things, and mention in the weekly Btrfs update

These updates are minimally invasive, mainly to avoid docs totally conflicting with reality. Updates Installation Destination differences between F21 and F33 (not a typo), accounts for both Btrfs by default, and ZRAM swap by default. There are tweaks for related recommendations and to indicate current installer behavior.

Tiny update for Silverblue.

Also, there is a new QA test case for reusing /home that can be repurposed into a quick doc.

Proposal: close this issue and open it under https://pagure.io/fedora-btrfs/project/issues, so it's no longer tracked on the WG issue tracker. Chris, is this OK?

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