#147 use case: dual-boot installation to a second disk
Opened 2 years ago by chrismurphy. Modified a year ago

I came across a QA issue:

After recent Fedora InstallFest event in Brno, we've seen that the common use case of how university students install Fedora has changed compared to past. Now, their notebooks run with UEFI. Also, very often students put in a second drive for Fedora installation.

I see two use cases:

  • ESP is used on the first drive, Fedora is self-contained on the second drive (use case above).
  • Computer contains SSD and HDD, user wants / on one drive, /home on the other.

The installer supports the first case, but not the second. The second case results in the two drives being combined into one volume (whether Btrfs or LVM scheme).

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