#132 Simplify Installation Destination page in Anaconda
Opened 2 years ago by catanzaro. Modified 2 years ago

We should simplify the Installation Destination page in Anaconda. How exactly to do this is unclear. Some possible goals:

  • Ensure nontechnical users never enter advanced partitioning
  • Have only one way to do advanced partitioning rather than two, at least for Workstation
  • Avoid technical terms like "blivet-gui" showing up in the nontechnical path

Since I don't know what the result would look like, we'll need to work with anaconda developers to find a path forward. CC @jkonecny

Metadata Update from @chrismurphy:
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2 years ago

We already have pull request to make the situation better.


Unfortunately, we were blocked by other things. If you have some ideas how to improve things, please write your comments to this PR. It could be finalized and merged soon.

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