#11 Fedora Workstation visual identity
Opened 2 years ago by ryanlerch. Modified a year ago

Currently, when looking at Fedora Workstation, there are limited cues to the end-user that they are indeed using Fedora Workstation. When comparing Fedora Workstation to other GNOME 3 based operating systems, the current ways we differentiate our visual identity from these OS (the default wallpaper & logo and the logos on bootup and login) are typically obscured in a workflow where window(s) cover most of the workspace.

This causes the effect that when you are looking at the default desktop in Fedora Workstation, that there are no cues to the user as to what OS they are running.

We should come up with ways to subtly tweak the Fedora Workstation visual experience so a user or observer knows that they are using Fedora Workstation

See also, the visual identity wikipage:

Ryan is working on mockups for this for F27.

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Should we close this ticket ? nothing has happened here in a long time.

Or maybe we can keep this open and use it as the place where we look at Silverblue rebranding for the workstation.

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