#102 Workstation repos are not available for Branched and Rawhide
Closed: Fixed a year ago by catanzaro. Opened 2 years ago by kparal.

Workstation repos currently contain the following:

$ rpm -ql fedora-workstation-repositories

Out of those four, pycharm, steam and nvidia driver are not available for F31 or Rawhide yet (Google Chrome is not versioned). These repos don't exist:

This prevents QA from validating their functionality (and GNOME Software functionality, system upgrades, etc) and also doesn't allow users to run on Branched/Rawhide and use those repos. Can you please make sure the builds and repos are provided? Thank you.

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2 years ago

It's even worse. Enabling Steam or Nvidia now completly breaks package managers, due to a DNF change. Proposed as a blocker:

3 Push to revert the DNF defaults change
Please note that even if we make the repos accessible, I think it's very unwise to have them marked as mandatory. They are hosted by external parties (rpmfusion in this case), and any time the third party goes down, our package managers go down.

I really don't like that the user could install a 3rd party repo RPM that does not have skip_if_unavailable=True, thereby blocking all updates on Workstation. Oh hey here's an RPM you should install and no longer get security updates!

Discussion on reverting at https://pagure.io/fesco/issue/2125 - probably will be discussed more at tomorrow's FESCO meeting - but there hasn't been any real opposition to the idea of reverting.

The DNF change was agreed to get reverted. This means the missing repos will no longer break gnome-software, which is good. But it would still be good for testing purposes to have them functional.

Action item: @uraeus to ping the repo maintainers.

I will talk to @phracek about the PyCharm repo.

Well, based on the latest PyCharm build Fedora 31 repo already exists https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/phracek/PyCharm/build/1040700/.

@kparal, I assume everything is OK now?

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a year ago

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a year ago

@kparal, I assume everything is OK now?

The repos seem to be up now.

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