#785 whatcanidoforfedora.org does not work for Czech language
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Hello team

If I open https://whatcanidoforfedora.org/ and change language to Czech, the newly loaded page is missing the middle part with the areas of the interest (https://whatcanidoforfedora.org/cs).

If I change the web link to https://whatcanidoforfedora.org/cs#designexclamation, middle content appears correctly but the button "next please" does not work.

Could you fix it please? If it is caused with error in translation, could you point me to Zanata project where I have to search for mistake please? I checked Zanata Web group of project but whatcanidoforfedora does not seem to be there.


it seems to be related to the unicode conversion of some characters in the script. The link https://whatcanidoforfedora.org/cs#designexclamation works because the id related to this anchor does not contain any special character from czech alphabet. I think that every values in the array named all_ids of the script needs to be corrected.

id in the array: designersk\u00fd-t\u00fdm
id of the corresponding div: designerský-tým


The git repository related to this website is this one: https://github.com/fedora-infra/asknot-ng.

At quick glance those div id's seem to be dynamically generated: https://github.com/fedora-infra/asknot-ng/blob/develop/templates/index.html#L75, so that's likely the reason for the special characters.

Thanks a lot for your replies.
I found the "asknot-ng" project in Zanata so this part of my question is fine now.
Regarding the dynamically generated div ID's - is there any way to either replace special CZ characters with their diacritical mark-free counterparts (e.g. instead of "á" just simple "a") or to keep the English version of the div ID please?

One more comment - I just checked the French version of that web (this language contains characters with diacritical marks as well) and in that case, all works without any issue.


But they are maybe just lucky and "é" causes no problem in div ID generation.

German version has the same issue like Czech one. Well there should be some workaround implemented as it is a global problem.

I did some tests on czech and german versions. Actually characters with diacritical are not a problem.

In the Czech version the execution of the script stops when it tries to initialize an object starting from an id that contain the bracket character "(". More specifically at the id "avatarové-obrázky-(hackergotchi)".

The same problem occours in the german version when the script try to initialize the id "das-webseiten-team." that contain a dot character "."

The function hashSelect(first) begin to cycle all ids and fail when it try to initialize the object "curr".

As I can see the function hashSelect() crashes in these cases:
- var curr = $("#avatarové-obrázky-(hackergotchi)")
- var curr = $("das-webseiten-team.")

I suggest to edit the translations deleting these characters.


Hi all, before we dive into this too much, please consider that we don't manage WCIDFF, as pointed out by @sijis the source is on the github part of fedora infra. Same applies for the translation of this app, they use a different way to handle that.
Making comparisons between WCIDFF and getfedora.org is therefor not appropriate, because the workflow is different, and also the teams are different (we own and care abot translation of getfedora, while we don't know much about the process for webapps).

Can you please open an Infra ticket and eventually point to this if you need details? (just to not post them twce).

If you start a new discussion in Infra, I am leaning towards closing this ticket as a wontfix.

Many thanks for the performed analysis and identifying of the root cause. I removed the brackets from the translation. Once it is in sync with the live web page, I will test it. If the problem persists, I will open ticket for infra.

Feel free to close this ticket.

Thanks again for your time end effort!

This issue persists even after the translation has been fixed (for Czech language).
New ticket https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/6792 was created for infra team.

Infra ticket referenced is https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/6504.
There is not much else our team can do regarding this.
Please us know if you disagree.

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