#770 I cannot create my user wiki
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Good morning,

I want to apply as ambassador process in FAMA. But I cannot follow steps because I have a problem when I try to create my user wikipage. I get this message:

"You must have cookies enabled and a Fedora Account System (FAS) account to log in to Fedora Project Wiki.

Additionally, due to spam edits, as of 2016-08 your account must have at least one non cla* group to be able to login and edit.

See Join for information on groups to join and contribute to."

If I do not create the wiki user. My candidature will be rejected. Can somebody help me?


You are not in a group except CLA, so we prevent people from editing the wiki due to spam.
Moreover you should not apply to FAmA, you need to look out for a mentor and he will create a ticket for you to start the mentoring process. If needed you can be added to a wikiedit group, but it will be better if you speak to your mentor about that, because this would be an Infra task.

Closing this as we can't do much here.

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4 years ago

I undertand that you are following the process as it's described in the wiki but due to spam problems, the you should move to the next stage and after choosing a mentor, ask it how to proceed with the wiki. Another idea is to read the How to be a successful contributor and/or see What can you do for Fedora?

Hi, thanks taking your time to explain and clearly more.

I was trying to contact with my mentor but still very busy. The problem of this, if I don't have any changes into 14 days, my ambassador proposal will be rejected and let's start new process.

This is my FAmA ticket really opened https://pagure.io/fama/issue/2213. There explain what's process I have to do (the same as wiki).

Yes, ideally it is 14 days, but the thought behind this is to drop mentoring if there is no feedback anymore for 14 days (and it is not your case AFAICS). I'm sure @robert knows about the inability of editing wiki pages and you can make your page afterwards.

Yes, I'll catch up the ticket these days (including the known wiki issue). No worries, no need to restart the mentoring process.

@robert Hello, yes, as was sending messages in FAmA ticket and nobody reply and the requirements is the same of wiki. I don't know If I perform something bad.

@robyduck Oh, ok, I thought if you do not apply your process as "approved" the membership proposal will be rejected automatically. Thanks for clear.

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