#761 add language button to fedoracommunity.org
Closed: Fixed a year ago by darknao. Opened 4 years ago by jibecfed.

we recently had the luck to get translation for Gujarati language, but I couldn't switch to the language to help the contributor. Can you please add a language button as we have for other websites?

thanks a lot

Fedoracommunity is a rather old website and it doesn't use the same ULS as the other websites, where we have a button on the bottom. We just use the user agent to detect the language your system is running on.
Instead of adding more and more pieces on a website, which has few visitors we should probably think of a new website, and connect it better to our main websites. Local communities are important, we should give them a better visibility.
As it is, I see this actually as a wontfix, but let's keep the request open to not forget that.

I'm really afraid this answer "this is a rather old website" may last for years :p
Would it be a big amount of work to fix #762 and this one? Maybe at least #762?

we can do a redesign from the ground up if there's interest. let me know, we can open up a design team ticket for mockups.

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4 years ago

Language button has been added.
Thanks for your patience ;)

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