#706 Provide Fedora Media Writer download on ARM page
Opened 2 years ago by mattdm. Modified a year ago

The Fedora Media Writer can create ARM boot images now. We should provide a download section for it on https://arm.fedoraproject.org/, similar to https://getfedora.org/workstation/download/. However, it needs some careful text so people know that they're downloading Intel-architecture Windows and Mac executables.... Maybe @pbrobinson can suggest some text?

Sounds good, let me know if you need text verified.

@pbrobinson I am laying towards a similar solution we have on https://getfedora.org/workstation/download

A sort of subsection with expandable boxes where people can grab the FMW they want. I would not treat it as in workstation, where it is the default download option. ARM people mostly are much more technical than workstation users, so they will feel comfortable to go to that section if they want to download images through FMW.

Does this work for you? Any other ideas or thoughts you want to add before we start working on it? Your feedback is very welcome.

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2 years ago

Regarding this issue, I created a pull request #849

Is this issue still active?

@soniya29 I think it's still desired. Let me get some eyes on it...

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