#620 Instructions for Workstation download on Linux talk about media creator
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On https://stg.getfedora.org/en/workstation/download/, the instructions say

  • Fedora Media Writer (download above)

but on Linux, the "above" download is the Live ISO, not the media writer.

There is a link which says "Install via DNF if you are already on Fedora.", but that goes to the upgrade instructions.

What is your proposal?

We could add (download above for Windows and Mac OS), or just leave it away.

For the other link I think it is correct, or? If you are already on Fedora a link to the upgrade instructions is what you need if you want to update to F25.


Current at top there's a downloadable ISO and text like this: "64-bit 1.3 GB ISO for Linux. [Install via DNF] if you are already on Fedora. [Need instructions? Or a different version?]" The first link goes to the DNF system upgrade wiki instructions. The second link goes to the FMW instructions on this page. I would propose changing this to read:

"64-bit 1.3 GB ISO for Linux. [Use Fedora Media Writer with this image.] Or you can [upgrade via DNF] to the prerelease on Fedora." The first link would go to the FMW instructions, and the second link would go to the upgrade page. This seems more logical.

The links lower in the page all appear under the heading, "Fedora Media Writer supports the following platforms." So people expect to receive instructions for using mediawriter there. I propose for that section:

  1. Change the link for "More details" to the URL: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_create_and_use_Live_USB#Quickstart:_Using_Fedora_Media_Writer
  2. Instead of linking to an ISO, link to a FMW flatpak for other Linux, since this is the deliverable expected. This might be a little more complicated, because apparently linking to the latest release of the flatpak on Github is not as straightforward as a simple URL.

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Hi! So today, the getfedora.org site has a link for Linux users to get more information about using the file. The link leads to this docs page, which has a section on the Fedora Media Writer:


So, with that in mind, I am going to close this as complete.

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