This repository have been archived and replaced with the new repo on Gitlab.

This repository hosts sources for generating static site of


Documentation for getting started with using it can be found here:

Translations are handled by the Fedora localization team on Fedora Weblate.

Translation status

Building Locally

Podman is the recommended way of building fedora-websites.

From the root of the repository, run the following commands to build the necessary components:

podman build -t fedora-websites .
podman run -it --rm -v "$(pwd):/opt/:z" fedora-websites ./scripts/
podman run -it --rm -v "$(pwd):/opt/:z" fedora-websites python3 ./scripts/
podman run -it --rm -v "$(pwd):/opt/:z" fedora-websites python3

Now we are ready to run the development server:

podman run -it --rm -v "$(pwd):/opt/:z" -p 5000:5000 fedora-websites flask run --reload --host

You may now go to http://localhost:5000/ in your browser of choice.