#282 coreos-download: add support for HyperV images
Closed 19 days ago by darknao. Opened 3 months ago by baude.
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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ 

  // list of cloud image artifacts

  const cloudImages = ['aws', 'azure', 'azurestack', 'aliyun', 'digitalocean', 'exoscale', 'gcp', 'ibmcloud', 'nutanix', 'openstack', 'packet', 'vultr']

  // list of virtualized image artifacts

- const virtualizedImages = ['qemu', 'virtualbox', 'vmware']

+ const virtualizedImages = ['hyperv', 'qemu', 'virtualbox', 'vmware']

  // dict of pretty names for platforms, indexed by platform.extension

  const prettyPlatforms = {

    "aliyun": "Alibaba Cloud",
@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ 

    "digitalocean": "DigitalOcean",

    "exoscale": "Exoscale",

    "gcp": "GCP",

+   "hyperv", "HyperV",

typo: Hyper-V

    "ibmcloud": "IBM Cloud",

    "metal": {

      "raw.xz": "Raw",

Thanks for your contribution.
getfedora.org has been retired and replaced with the new fedoraproject.org.
I'm going to close this PR, but you're more than welcome to contribute to the new website: https://gitlab.com/fedora/websites-apps/fedora-websites/fedora-websites-3.0

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