#149 coreos-download: add IBM Cloud images
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@@ -6,28 +6,29 @@ 

  //const baseUrl = 'https://s3.amazonaws.com/fcos-builds/streams'

  const baseUrl = 'https://builds.coreos.fedoraproject.org/streams'

  // list of cloud image artifacts

- const cloudImages = ['aws', 'azure', 'aliyun', 'digitalocean', 'exoscale', 'gcp', 'openstack', 'packet', 'vultr']

+ const cloudImages = ['aws', 'azure', 'aliyun', 'digitalocean', 'exoscale', 'gcp', 'ibmcloud', 'openstack', 'packet', 'vultr']

  // list of virtualized image artifacts

  const virtualizedImages = ['openstack', 'qemu', 'virtualbox', 'vmware']

  // dict of pretty names for platforms, indexed by platform.extension

  const prettyPlatforms = {

+   "aliyun": "Alibaba Cloud",

    "aws": "AWS",

    "azure": "Azure",

-   "gcp": "GCP",

    "digitalocean": "DigitalOcean",

    "exoscale": "Exoscale",

-   "packet": "Packet",

-   "aliyun": "Alibaba Cloud",

+   "gcp": "GCP",

+   "ibmcloud": "IBM Cloud",

    "metal": {

      "raw.xz": "Raw",

      "4k.raw.xz": "Raw (4k Native)",

      "iso": "ISO",

      "pxe": "PXE"


+   "openstack": "OpenStack",

+   "packet": "Packet",

    "qemu": "QEMU",

    "virtualbox": "VirtualBox",

    "vmware": "VMware",

-   "openstack": "OpenStack",

    "vultr": "Vultr"


  // innerText of tab button

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I guess we can't make this any shorter?

Can definitely make it just IBM Cloud. I wasn't sure if we should try to beat the user over the head with the VPC Gen2 detail or not. If we get any questions we can just point them to the docs, which should explain it: https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-docs/pull/185

I'll update this to make it just IBM Cloud in the morning unless anyone objects.

I guess there aren't any compatibility constraints for the string on the download page, so we can always add more words if we ever add a second set of IBM Cloud images.

@dustymabe if you still need to rebase this, can you please also sort prettyPlatforms while at it?

@bgilbert - now changed to IBM Cloud.

@lucab - now with sorted prettyPlatforms.

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