#118 coreos-download: add moby-engine to the important package list
Merged 11 months ago by dustymabe. Opened 11 months ago by abai.
fedora-web/ abai/websites coreos-download  into  master

@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ 


  // pkgdiff enum to str

  const diffType = ["added", "removed", "upgraded", "downgraded"];

- const importantPkgs = ["kernel", "systemd", "rpm-ostree", "ignition", "podman"];

+ const importantPkgs = ["kernel", "systemd", "rpm-ostree", "ignition", "podman", "moby-engine"];


  function timestampToPrettyString(date) {

    date = new Date(date);

LGTM - we'll probably add one or two more packages to this over time. We might have to break it up and make two rows of important packages at some point.

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11 months ago