#91 Port spins.fedoraproject.org to this repository
Opened a year ago by codeblock. Modified 10 months ago

As per title.

Hi, I will like to work on this issue. Please can I have more details on the requirements of this task?

Hi, I am outreachy applicant and would like to work on this issue.

Hello. This task will be done by the intern that gets picked. We are asking all applicants to work only on alt.fedoraproject.org. Please see the getting started guide: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Websites/Outreachy_March_2020

Hello @codeblock
May I know if this issue is available now and can be assigned to me?
@siddharthvipul1 has suggested me to look into this project as I currently would like to work on web development. I've learnt that the current outreachy intern assigned to this is unavailable, are the iot/arm/labs available to work on as well?
Thank you!

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