#33 New getfedora website does not show traditional Chinese (zh-TW) translation
Opened 8 months ago by zerng07. Modified 5 months ago

I'm doing the translation for traditional Chinese (zh-TW) (正體中文) recently, but unable to see the translated page on the new website.

The process is 100% done for a few days, but I still don't see the translated content.

Please help with it for the local community. Thanks!

Hi @zerng07,

Thank you very much for your work on the translations.

It seems this is a quirk of flask-babel and babel itself, where it wants the language code to be zh_Hant_TW instead of zh_TW (which Zanata gives).

Other projects seem to have run into this as well:
* https://github.com/ckan/ckan/issues/4413
* https://github.com/flask-admin/flask-admin/issues/403

I'm not sure what the best solution is here. We could just have it use zh_Hant_TW everywhere, but that makes the URLs a bit longer. Or I can try to figure out how to map zh_Hant_TW to zh_TW internally.

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8 months ago

Users are used to see zh_TW since the very first versions. Keeping zh_TW should be better for us. (the first choice.)

If zh_TW cannot be done, or hard to implement, then we move to zh_Hant-TW.

@codeblock Any updates on this issue? Thanks.

hello @piotrdrag , can you please have a look if you can rename this locale zh_TW in zh_Hant-TW for the new website project?

I changed aliases for zh-TW and zh-CN from zh_TW and zh_CN to zh_Hant_TW and zh_Hans_CN, just in the fedora-web project. Let’s see if that helps.

The option for zh_TW (正體中文) and zh_CN (简体中文) translation of the new fedora website disappears now.

It showed zh_TW (正體中文) and zh_CN (简体中文) options before, but could not return the translated content. And now, even the options are missing.

I would like to ask for fixing this issue before Fedora 31 release. Will it be possible? Thanks.

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