#22 [RFE] Button for changing the language could be easily missed
Opened 2 years ago by zlopez. Modified 2 years ago

At first I didn't even noticed that you could change language other way than by changing the URL.

But after some time I found tiny button on the bottom of the page. I think this should be more visible and probably in top bar.


We also decided to put it in the top bar for the future multilingual fedora docs: https://docs.stg.fedoraproject.org/en-US/docs/

I think it's fairly common practice for sites to put it in the footer (or do worse and hide it away in a settings pane somewhere).

Some big-ish name examples:
- amazon.com - footer
- youtube.com (and google.com) - hidden away in account -> google profile -> personalization
- netflix.com - footer
- wikipedia - footer of sidebar
- ebay.com - footer
- opensuse.org - footer
- facebook - footer of sidebar
- twitter - hidden away in account menu -> Settings and privacy
- adobe - footer
- ticketmaster - footer
- python.org - link mixed in with footer links, which goes to wiki page last updated in 2014
- ruby-lang.org - footer

In fact just in putting together that list, I found very few that put it in the header/navbar (redhat.com is a notable exception).

I don't think we're doing anything abnormal here, but I'll leave it to @ryanlerch for the final say.

Metadata Update from @codeblock:
- Issue assigned to ryanlerch
- Issue tagged with: design

2 years ago

you point the fact big tech website decided to put the language in the footer, and suggest we should do the same. I think we should put the language button for multiple reasons:

  • it highlights we are a multicultural group, and invite curious people about it,
  • it helps to change language when your browser doesn't have the correct default values (think of countries with multiple languages, switzerland, belgium, India, China, etc.),
  • it gives a positive feedback to the translators who demonstrated their interest and implication of the websites.

that's the reasons why I think we can put this button on top right, we can totally keep it minimalistic so it doesn't impact the design too much.

I think seeing if the design team can find a way to make it more visible would be a huge win.

Note too, that this is not a regression from the old getfedora.org. The placement of the langaguage chooser was in the footer in the old design too.


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