#17 Fedora's website has trackers (Google Fonts)
Opened 2 years ago by garrett. Modified 2 years ago

Currently, fonts are loaded from the Google Fonts server, sending information about Fedora's userbase to Google.

The fonts should be hosted locally to get around this issue.

We're going to set up a static.fedoraproject.org server for static assets relatively soon and can fix this as part of this. If someone wants it fixed urgently, happy to merge a PR that pulls the font assets into this repo for now.

Please do note that getfedora.org send an HTTP header referrer-policy: same-origin. This means that Google does not get information from which website the request for fonts comes.
So while the objects are requested from Google (though as @codeblock points out we intend to change that bit), they do not know that you visited getfedora.org, just that you want these particular fonts.

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