#158 Update AArch64 disk image urls on alt.fedoraproject.org/alt/ to point to 1.3
Opened 5 months ago by pwhalen. Modified 5 months ago

The Fedora 33 AArch64 disk images were updated to fix a bug in Fedora 33 1.2, please update the urls to point to the fixed images (1.3) on alt.fedoraproject.org/alt/

The affected disk images are Workstation, Server and Minimal.

Once this is fixed, I will remove the 1.2 images on the mirrors.

Ping, this still needs updating.

@mohanboddu Could we pull the images now? I would rather people get a broken URL than a broken image.

The iso's are synced to /pub/fedora/linux/releases/33/...

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