#11 "python-frozen-flask" etc is "No match for argument" at dnf
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if i input
[@localhost ~]$ sudo dnf install python-flask python-frozen-flask python-flask-assets python-rjsmin python-cssmin python-flask-babel python-flask-htmlmin python-cssutils

then "
No match for argument: python-frozen-flask
No match for argument: python-flask-assets
No match for argument: python-rjsmin
No match for argument: python-cssmin
No match for argument: python-flask-htmlmin
Error: Unable to find a match

This is due to The Great Python Rename of Fedora 30, I think we need to specify python2 etc.

I'll do some testing when I can and update the readme or someone else can. I still need to bump my workstation up to F30. Will know more after I do that.

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3 years ago

I checked on Fedora 30 dnf ,
about python-frozen-flask
"python3-frozen-flask" matches to repository.
But "python2-frozen-flask" does not match.

The same is for python-flask-assets .

This worked for me:
sudo dnf -y install python-flask python3-frozen-flask python3-flask-assets python3-rjsmin python3-cssmin python3-flask-babel python3-flask-htmlmin python-cssutils rubygem-sass babel python3-jinja2 python-pyyaml python3-zanata-client

After that, I needed to run these commands to get the local webserver running:

pip install flask_babel --user
pip install flask_assets --user
pip install Frozen-Flask --user
pip install Flask-HTMLmin --user

I tried next codes in terminal.

git clone https://pagure.io/fedora-web/websites.git
cd websites/sites/getfedora.org
python main.py
but next message is displayed
OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'translations'
Am I misunderstanding the procedure?

is this issue open to be worked upon?

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