#2 Updates not seen on weblate language file.
Closed 2 years ago by darknao. Opened 3 years ago by copperi.

getfedora master file shows string count as 160

This needs to get merged to translation files (for example Finnish file shows 153 strings and string age of 11 months, so it is missing updates.

Weblate has FAQ on the subject:
Why does Weblate still show old translation strings when I’ve updated the template?

Weblate does not try to manipulate the translation files in any way other than allowing translators to translate. So it also does not update the translatable files when the template or source code have been changed. You simply have to do this manually and push changes to the repository, Weblate will then pick up the changes automatically.


It is usually a good idea to merge changes done in Weblate before updating translation files, as otherwise you will usually end up with some conflicts to merge.

For example with gettext PO files, you can update the translation files using the msgmerge tool:

msgmerge -U locale/cs/LC_MESSAGES/django.mo locale/django.pot

In case you want to do the update automatically, you can install addon Update PO files to match POT (msgmerge).

we are fixing this issue with help of @misc
it is an automation missing (yes, we should have added it long ago)

And finally, it is now fixed, for real this time! 🎉

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