#73 Cockpit file-sharing update Change Proposal
Closed a year ago by pboy. Opened 2 years ago by pboy.

Update of Cockpit to improve Support for managing Samba & NFS shares




A Late Change Proposal created:

Next Step:
If accepted, we need a test plan
otherwise, prepare for F37

Change Proposal was accepted and is now part of F36.
Initial version is 2.4.1-6 (2022-01-19)

Metadata Update from @pboy:
- Issue tagged with: in progress, meeting

2 years ago

Issue tagged with: in progress

2 years ago

Test planning

In the IRC meeting it was agreed:

  • jwhimpel will test Cockpit Module with NFS.
  • cooltshirtguy and xtify21 will test Cockpit Module with Samba / Windows.

First brief check and notes on installation
Base: Fedora-Server-dvd-x86_64-36-20220218.n.0.iso

  • It is not part of the default installation set but has to get installed post-installation
    […]# dnf install cockpit-file-sharing
  • You can not install it via cockpit interface (applications) even if logged in as root
  • After reload / (re)start of Cockpit you get a new navigation entry File Sharing

First findings

  • Obviously there is no localization
  • As dependencies some samba packages are installed
  • There is a configuration note to be added for Samba
  • For Nfs there is a note about missing installation / activation

Metadata Update from @pboy:
- Issue untagged with: meeting

2 years ago

Samba installed and running. (smb & nmb)

add to smb.conf:

include = registry

added for cockpitfile sharing

reload smb if it's already running.

After the dependencies are met its close to a normal Samba share setup.
Some steps are done at the terminal and the rest is done in Cockpit
File Sharing.

Terminal in cockpit with root privileges.

Create the directory used for sharing.
Give it the permission for the user or group.
If SELinux is enabled add the samba_share_t context to the directory.
If firewalld is running add the samba service to it.

At this point you can use File Sharing to configure the share.
(directory, name, permissions, etc.)
You can even reset or create the password for the user with access to
the share.

Mount in Windows explorer and test.

After the above is met it works great in Windows 10.

Issue tagged with: in progress

a year ago

Metadata Update from @pboy:
- Issue tagged with: meeting

a year ago

Issue tagged with: in progress

a year ago

Cockpit File Sharing is now part of F36 distribution.
Closed as completed.

Metadata Update from @pboy:
- Issue untagged with: in progress, meeting
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

a year ago

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