#68 Work Project: Explore opportunities for cooperation with Cloud WG / SIG
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Exploring possible synergy effects by cooperation of server and cloud WG. One concrete example among others would be the use of Could Base Images as an easily and quickly installable VM in Fedora Server


The idea was raised by Matthew Miller in the December 2020 "Reboot" meeting [1] and found its way into the first draft of a revised Fedora Server Edition Product Requirement Document (Server PRD). In March 2021 pboy published an article in Fedora Magazine exploring the use of Cloud Images as VM in Fedora Server Edition [2]. Its conclusion: "... while the use of Fedora Cloud Base Images comes with some inconveniences and suffers from shortcomings in documentation, Fedora Cloud Base images and virt-install version 3 is a great combination for quickly and efficiently creating virtual machines for Fedora Server". Based on this finding, it seems worthwhile to explore and implement cooperation and possibly better mutual alignment, as discussed on the March 3, 2021 IRC meeting [3].

In contrast to this, Cloud Image WG members see significant factual differences between the runtime environments that a Fedora server as a Cloud Image does not make sense. Fedora Cloud was never set up as a "Fedora Server" lookalike in the first place. That's why it's a distinct Edition. ... If you want to do an "easy" Fedora Server as a VM on classical KVM hosts, you're probably better off with using virt-install... Setting up Fedora Cloud images on regular KVM hosts is a pain and not the intended use-case. [4]. Additionally, interest in cooperation on the part of Cloud WG members is very weak at best. And discussions should preferably cover technical features and implementations.

Resume as of June 2021

After 6 months, this idea has to be assessed as unrealizable. There is a lack of any preconditions for the implementation or realization of such a plan. Such differences cannot be overcome. See IRC meeting June 6, 2021

[1]: <mattdm> Also, I want to throw out my long-standing thing for anyone to pick up: merging in the Cloud Base Image, so it's basically just an alternate deploy of server.
[2]: Setting up a VM on Fedora Server using Cloud Images and virt-install version 3
[3]: Meeting discussion 18:25:38 et seq.
[4]: Neal Gompa on the devel mailing-list, complete thread

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