#67 Evaluating Fedora Server Working Group
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Short summary of facts of our Working Group Proceedings, Feb. 2021 - Feb. 2022


Along with all sorts of small, everyday jobs, we have also worked successfully on some long-term projects:

  • Revision and renewal of the Fedora Server 'Product Requirement Document' (PRD) (completed)
  • Revision and renewal of the Fedora Server 'Technical Specification' (half done)
  • Build up of an up-to-date documentation (basic work completed)
  • Work project 'Facilitated deployment of key services by combining rpm and Ansible', PoC Wildfly application server (alpha done)
  • Work project 'Facilitated and improved support for Fedora Server Edition VMs' (documentation part done, VM implementation PoC done)
  • Continuous updating and additions to the documentation (done)


We started with 19 members

Member Activity No.
Specifically active[1] 10 (53%)
Never showed up 3 (16 %)
Withdrawals 3 (16 %)

These are (alphabetically by name)

Specifically active
pboy, nirik, sgallagh, jwhimpel, copperi, x3mboy, salimma, smoge, adamw, langdon
Never showed up
nb, sghosh, mhoungbo
sgosh (no contact, no FAS account anymore), jbwillia (other interests), smoge (sabbatical)

New participants

We had 12 new participants, 5 of them were specifically active[2] (42%)

Specifically active
cooltsirtguy, dcavalca, eseyman, mowest, swefredde

[1] Specifically active members
joined at least 50% of the meetings and/or at least one task worked on
[2] Specifically active new participants
participated at least at 50% of meetings since their first participation and/or at least 1 contribution of work

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Let's make a voting to onboard 4 new 'approved' members (alphabetically)

Particpated at nearly all meetings and took over work on tests
Joined 60% of the meetings and made numerous contributions
contributed to the documentation several times, took over tests
took over work on the project pages

Additionally, when adjusting the list, we should withdraw nb and mhoungbo for the time being. I tried several times to get in contact via mail and via IRC with no avail. We will reverse that should they come forward and want to collaborate.

As a reminder:
We are a "Working Group" which is a special team with special procedures and requirements regarding commitment. See Governance Charter for Server Working Group. For a successful voting, we need at least 3 positive and 0 negative votes within 14 days after start.

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Voting opening

According to our 2022-04-20 IRC meeting I start the voting to enroll as new members of the Server Working Group (listed by surname):

Jason Beard (cooltshirtguy)
Davide Cavalca (dcavalca)
Stephen Daley (mowest)
Emmanuel Seyman (eseyman)

You can either vote for all four in one go by issuing
or by differentiating in the order of the list
[+1|0|-1 / +1|0|-1 / +1|0|-1/ +1|0|-1]

As an example, if you vote to accept all four in one go, issue just
If you want to differentiate
+1 / +1 / +1 / +1

You vote by adding a comment with just your vote (and nothing else added).

Voting start now and is open until Thursday May 5, 0500 UTC according to our rules.
To accept we need at least three +1 and zero -1

Let's start.

(It's the first time we vote since out reestablishment last year)

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a year ago

+1 (and sorry for not being more active)

I am around - just busy. I'm interested in still being involved, as time permits.


Issue tagged with: in progress

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Voting closed


Members Votes
all +11 / 0 / - 0
approved + 7 / 0 / - 0

The vote meets the quorum of at least 3 votes from approved members and as a result are

  • Jason Beard (cooltshirtguy)
  • Davide Cavalca (dcavalca)
  • Stephen Daley (mowest )
  • Emmanuel Seyman (eseyman)

elected unanimously as new members.

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