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Ongoing work, we will need content related to Fedora Server sometime soon.

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On 1/18/23 shortly after our IRC meeting the website design team reached out to me. They would like to begin work this weekend 1/21/23-1/22/23 on a mock-up for our Fedora Server Landing Page. They were looking for a "new list of differentiators of what makes Fedora Server different." Based upon some of the IRC conversations and emails that I have been involved with, I came up with the following "new" list of "benefits/features" that focus on some of the aspects of Fedora Server that we love. None of these are set in stone, it was just to give the design team some new text/wording to work with. We will have the opportunity to make major editing changes to the text of our landing page till all of us feel comfortable with the wording changes and overall graphic appeal of our new landing page. Here is what I gave them to start with, perhaps this will inspire some of you to come up with either edits or better examples of "benefits/features" that we would like to highlight. I modeled these after the examples that I have seen on the demo Workstation Page and CoreOS stage, but tried to make them more applicable to the Fedora Server Edition.

  • Sensible Defaults: Quickly deploy a server with the tools you need to spin up your workloads
  • Cockpit: A built-in remote server administration tool is ready to use on first boot
  • Latest Technologies: Run virtual machines or containers with libvert(link to project) and podman(link to project) managed through Cockpit
  • Stable Ecosystem: Enables a variety of server workloads
  • A Platform: Serving the needs of small businesses, home labs, and future enterprise workloads

Here is a link to the tracker page in Gitlab where I'm having an ongoing conversation with the website designers:


Here is a link to the demo site that is being created by the website design team:


The above link with give you an idea of the graphical model and presentation model that our Fedora Server landing page needs to meld with and might provide you with further inspiration or ideas.

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