#56 New WG Doc Landing Page and Navigation Items
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For the Migration of the Wiki, we need at first a landing page and a navigation menu. A first proposal is currently at https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/server-working-group/

Goal : At the end, we should have a location for any content of the current main wiki page we want to preserve.

Landing page content proposal: A short page with the currently most important items:

  • Short introduction
  • Vision and Mission as agreed upon
  • Current work projects
  • Invitation to contribute

Navigation menu items

  1. Goals: Short overview

    1. Product Requirement Document: The complete document
    2. Technical Specification: Wiki page of the same name updated
    3. Personas: Wiki page of the same name updated
  2. Members and Governance:Brief overview on merging WG and SIG, requiring approved members with special commitment, etc.

    1. Governance Charter: Wiki page of the same name
    2. Member List from main Wiki page
  3. Communicating and Meeting: Info box from main Wiki page
    1.Meeting minutes: From Wiki main page

  4. Archive: Various outdated documents for historical reasons, e.g. old Product requirement document

Left over items: so far:
Managing and Tracking Progress

Missing item:
* About Quality

Next Step: Review of content and wording

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2021-12-01: continue as suggested

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