#51 Revisiting "Software Selection" options in Server Installation
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Installation is the first contact with Fedora Server for new users and should be as optimal and satisfying an experience as possible. That means, in addition to a smooth and error-free installation flow, above all, good information and orientation about what is being installed and for what purpose.

It should be considered whether the current status is still up to date and/or can be improved.


Basic Software Selection Items

(a) Fedora Server Edition
An integrated, easier to manage server

(b) Fedora Custom Operating System
Basic building block for a custom Fedora system

These formulations are partly tautological and lack differentiating features and decision recommendations

(a) is our "Branding" and as such unchangeable

We need a more precise description of the essential content/features. What would that be? What makes us different from Debian or Ubuntu Server? What is especially important to us?

(b) ist also based on Server defaults. We don't install a generic Operating System. More precise would therefore be something like: Minimal basic Fedora server

What is the basic idea behind the feature selection?
Who or under what conditions do we recommend to choose this option?

Additional Options

In addition to the basic alternatives, we offer a number of additional installation options.

In all cases, there is no recommendation as to the conditions under which the option should be selected.

(1) Container Management
Tools for managing Linux containers

The description is redundant. Instead we should say something like
"Installs podman podman, as secure and ...." (whatever we think makes Podman special)

Install this option if you want to additionally host podman / docker container. For a dedicated container host without additional services consider to chose Fedora CoreOS instead of Fedora Server.

(2) Domain Membership
Support for joining a #FreeIPA or Active Diretoy Domain

Is this correct? If I remember correctly we offer the Domain service as well (not just joining the server to a rsp. domain)

(3) Guest Agents
Agents used when running under a hypervisor as (examples? Xen, VMware, .... Type 1 Hypervisors?

Add this option if you do not install on bare metal but in a virtual environment controlled by an ....

(4) Hardware Support for Server Systems
This group is a limited collection ot tools for various uncommonhardware specific utilities

That's tautological. What there systems as servers are we offer here? We have to specify which tools are included and why you may need them.

(5) Headless Management
Tools for managing the system without an attached graphical console

Tautological as well.

Some useful options are missing:

  • Virtualisation Support (KVM or XEN)
  • Update monitoring Suppert (dnf-automatic) (if we do not include it in Fedora Server Edition alternative)
  • PostgresQL? (Is part of our release criteria along with FreeIPA
  • webservice (httpd, mod_ssl, letsencrypt)

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