#125 Testing release f40
Closed 3 months ago by pboy. Opened 6 months ago by pboy.

We had decided to no longer rely on the automatic tests to such an extent.
At least 2 topics need to get discussed and organized:

  1. What do we want to manually test?
    At the very least, we should conduct a "smoke test" of the installation media and also of the most important functions.

    1. Local interactive DVD installation
    2. Remote interactive DVD installation
      • Tested by: pboy
      • Result? Beta 1.10 works
      • Documentation up to date? text OK, images need updates
    3. LVM system devices file bug
      • Tested by: cooltshirtguy, pboy
      • Result? Beta 1.10 bug still exists
      • Documentation up to date? post-installation steps amended
    4. Virtualization
      • Tested by: pboy
        Add virtualization capabilities
        Instantiate a Fedora Server VM
      • Result?
      • Documentation up to date?
    5. systemd nspawn container
      • Tested by: pboy
        install systemd-containerd
        create a nspawn system container
        create a nspawn application container
      • Result?
      • Documentation up to date?
  2. We need to monitor the Release 40 ChangeSet and identify potentially critical changes that we want to pay particular attention to and test additionally.
    A complete list of potential issues; https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/server@lists.fedoraproject.org/message/CNH57V7LT4GMQN676XFDJWQ6U46BGDMK/
    We monitor a selection:

    1. Java 21 change
      • Tested by: jwhimpel
    2. JPV4 address collisions
      • Tested by: jwhimpel
    3. postgresql update
      • Tested by: eseyman
    4. MariaDB packaging
      • Tested by: eseyman
    5. php
      • Tested by: eseyman
    6. 389DS
      • Tested by: eseyman
    7. systemd case
      • Tested by: pboy
    8. Ruby update
      • Tested by: pboy
    9. Podman
      • Tested by: cooltshirtguy

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