#108 F39 Work Project: Fedora Server on (ARM) SBC
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We decided on IRC meeting Wednesday, May 03, 2023:
WG will pursue 'Fedora Server Edition on SBC' as first priority for F39 ...


The project comprises several parts:

  1. A reference list of ARM SBCs suitable for productive deployment

    • Goal(s): Determination of a limited number (3 - 7) of particularly suitable devices, whose productive use is tested and described in more detail in the (server) documentation (if possible updated for each Fedora release).
    • Result / "Product": Reference list and recommendations as part of the server documentation
    • Current status:
  2. Evaluation of possibly usefull applications or types of application

    • Goal(s): Determining which deployment scenarios are reasonable and beneficial, determining the scope of use for ARM SBCs
    • Result / "Product": Articles for Fedora Magazine or Fedora Blog, possibly even beyond e.g. Opensource.com
    • Possible outline / contents
      • Virulent basic assumptions
        1. performance sufficient for everyday tasks
        2. especially economical (power) consumption and thus especially environmentally friendly
        3. cheaper price tag than x86_64 devices, esp. Mini PCs
      • Search for comparative studies / empirical evidence for these assumptions.
        • Additional question: How does it compare to current mini (Intel) PCs, price, performance, (power) consumption.
      • Running an empirical comparison for selected typical server tasks. Possible tasks:
        1. Building Fedora QuickDocs microsite locally (includes: reading Docker file, start a podman container, reading about 500 files, transforming to html)
        2. suggestions welcome
        3. suggestions welcome
      • Comparison includes
        ▪ performance, power consumption, (something else?)
        ▪ between ARM SBCs and Intel based Mini PCs
      • Expected / anticipated findings
        • Less suitable for interactive applications
        • Particularly suitable for back-office 24/7 tasks , where latency and turnaround time are less important
          • Permanent backup server
          • Monitor Server
      • Possible usage improvements:
        • Installation of SPI
        • Switching from slow (e)MMC to NVMe
    • Current status:
      • Not started yet
  3. Realizing selected examples in practice

    • Goal(s): Immediately usable solutions
    • Result / "Product": Detailed documentation, maybe Ansible support, installation scripts
    • Possible artifacts
      • Backup System
      • Cockpit Proxy
        ▪ Monitor Server
        Additional suggestions welcome
    • Potential Audience
      • SMEs
      • Freelancer
      • Independent professionals
      • Home server
    • Possible Follow up (F40)
      • Setting up an economical and environmentally friendly home server
    • Current status:
      • Not started yet
  4. Creating a "story" for F39 release (see above)

Available material

Opening email: Work Project: F39 Story – Fedora Server on SBC

First draft of a discussion paper / Release story: Story: Fedora Server Edition and Raspberry Pi & Co – First Draft!

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