#65 Fix zlib and EPL license metadata
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@@ -112,7 +112,8 @@ 

  Dotseqn License,Dotseqn,Dotseqn,,,

  DSDP License,DSDP,DSDP,,,

  dvipdfm License,dvipdfm,dvipdfm,,,

- Eclipse Public License 1.0,EPL-1.0,EPL,,,

+ Eclipse Public License 1.0,EPL-1.0,EPL-1.0,,,

+ Eclipse Public License 2.0,EPL-2.0,EPL-2.0,,,

  Educational Community License v1.0,ECL-1.0,ECL 1.0,,,

  Educational Community License v2.0,ECL-2.0,ECL 2.0,,,

  eGenix.com Public License 1.1.0,eGenix,eGenix,,,
@@ -306,8 +307,7 @@ 

  Zend License v2.0,Zend-2.0,Zend,,,

  Zimbra Public License v1.3,Zimbra-1.3,,,Fedora bad list,

  Zimbra Public License v1.4,Zimbra-1.4,,,not on Fedora list,

- zlib License,Zlib,"zlib

- Teeworlds",,,Teeworlds License

+ zlib License,Zlib,zlib,,,

  zlib/libpng License with Acknowledgement,zlib-acknowledgement,zlib with acknowledgement,,,

  Zope Public License 1.1,ZPL-1.1,,,This specific version not on Fedora list,

  Zope Public License 2.0,ZPL-2.0,ZPLv2.0,,,

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