#278 RFE: Non-interractive `rust2rpm -p`
Opened 2 months ago by lecris. Modified 2 months ago

Allow an option parameter rust2rpm -p /path/to/*-fix-metadata.diff to trigger a non-interactive mode:
- If no such value is given, run the current workflow where the editor is open
- If a file is given try to apply the patch with that file, and if it:
- fails: exit 1. Do not open an editor
- succeeds: Continue using that file as the *-fix-metadata.diff. Maybe the name can be checked to ensure it has the same *-fix-metadata.diff, or the contents can be copied to the equivalent file

Use-case: Automation for packit, allowing to bump version, build, etc. in a dist-git-like repo. Example, I use it for managing multiple rust packages that need to be submitted for review.

Metadata Update from @decathorpe:
- Issue assigned to decathorpe
- Issue set to the milestone: v27.0
- Issue tagged with: feature

2 months ago

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