#220 rust2rpm: don't remove stripped foreign dependencies if they're not optional
Opened 2 months ago by decathorpe. Modified 2 months ago

For example, the flate2 crate defines two different dependencies on miniz_oxide:

version = "0.5.0"
optional = true
default-features = false
[target."cfg(all(target_arch = \"wasm32\", not(target_os = \"emscripten\")))".dependencies.miniz_oxide]
version = "0.5.0"
default-features = false

The second dependency on miniz_oxide is stripped by the automatic patch, but it is also removed from the rust-backend feature:

rust_backend = ["miniz_oxide"]

which breaks the build of the crate.

If a stripped dependency is not optional, it cannot be named in feature dependencies, so it should also not be removed.

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2 months ago

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