#205 RFE: add rust2rpm.conf setting + CLI switch for disabling %check
Opened 3 months ago by decathorpe. Modified 3 months ago

The decision whether %check should run or not (i.e. whether %bcond check is on or off) is one of the few things that we don't have a persistent setting or CLI flag for.

It would be great to have:

1) a "--no-check" (name TBD) CLI flag for rust2rpm (maybe with a REASON string argument that can be automatically added to the .spec file)

2) "run-tests" (name TBD) and "no-tests-reason" (name very TBD) rust2rpm.conf settings that have the same effect (and rust2rpm would fail if tests are turned off but no reason is given)

Alternatively, we could also have rust2rpm print a sternly worded "don't forget to document the reason for disabling the test suite, otherwise you land on Santa's naughty list" warning if tests are turned off - which might be a simpler implementation, but would result in more manual tinkering after every .spec update.

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3 months ago

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