#141 cargo-inspector support for virtual/workspace Cargo.toml recursion
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Currently cargo-inspector doesn't support transversal of Cargo.toml from a Workspace Cargo.toml and it would be useful to be able to support that option.

While some projects release these as multiple crates for each sections of the workspace there's some that don't, or the packaging is from a single git repo because the project isn't published as individual crates. Also it could be the versions are intrinsically linked, where it doesn't make sense to do that because they don't operate or are used independently outside of the explicit client/server architecture.

4 /usr/bin/cargo-inspector -BR Cargo.toml
error: manifest path `Cargo.toml` is a virtual manifest, but this command requires running against an actual package in this workspace

I think this is out of scope. Rust Packaging Guidelines mandate that everything that is published separately to crates.io is also packaged separately. For projects that don't publish to crates.io and have some internal workspace / project structure, it's pretty easy to support that with the existing macros - look for example at the zola package.

Meh, I've changed my mind. It would be good to support this for the cases that you've outlined (i.e. projects that are not published as separate crates).

see also #85

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