#13 Path dependencies
Opened 5 years ago by ignatenkobrain. Modified 23 days ago

hello_utils = { path = "hello_utils", version = "0.1.0" }

I think we should just do symlink to our local registry automagically when we're doing %cargo_prep.

We should also force local only with cargo.

@ngompa we already override crates.io registry ;)

In Debian, they're solving this by creating the local registry in the build root including the current crate, and installing from there. But you can't run build/tests this way, just cargo install. This also has the benefit that it doesn't try to resolve optional dependencies that aren't enabled.

Symlinking just path dependencies into the current crate seems ok too, but I think doesn't solve optional deps, as in #12.

Are you sure that we need to do something here?

Path-based dependencies are already replaced with version-based dependencies when publishing a crate to crates.io (except for dev-dependencies, but those are usually either easy to fix, or the test suite is not runnable outside the upstream workspace anyway).

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