uf-monitor is a simple app to track the progress of the Upstream First initiative. It used to be a simple python script run via cron, but there was enough interest in it that I went ahead and made it into something closer to a proper application.

Getting Started

While this is a very niche application, here's the required info to run it.


uf-monitor requires:

  • sqlalchemy
  • hug (which is python3 only)
  • python-hawkey

There are three parts to this application: (which pulls information from the API), the (which is the interface to the information stored locally from and the index.html page (which is a simple HTML/CSS/JS page that queries the hug server via js).

To get started, populate the database with:

python --create

Once the database has spawned, start the api_server script:

gunicorn api_server:__hug_wsgi__

This will start a hug API server listening on port 8000.

If you're running this locally, you can just load the index.html in your browser.