#8 New event in TestDayApp gives error
Closed: Invalid 4 years ago by jskladan. Opened 4 years ago by pnemade.

I am trying to create new event in testday app page. If I enter URL with "https://" then this testday app says use "http://" only. If I use URL with "http://" then it gives "Internal Server Error".

Can someone please check if one can successfully create the testday event?

@frantisekz @jskladan Can somebody figure out what's wrong? Thanks.

@pnemade Could you please be more specific? What is the metadata URL you are trying to submit to the app?


This link is giving me error message
Testday URL must start with 'http'

Thanks for the Info.

First of all, let me say that the error message is rather cryptic, and I understand why you were confused by it (so was I, for a bit).

The problem is not in the http(s) in the metadata url, but in the links you use in the metadata. You are using the wiki-style urls in the metadata, but the app is rather basic, and can't really parse those.
Please make sure to have all urls on the page in the 'expanded' F32 i18n test day;https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2020-03-10_I18N_Test_Day format instead of the wiki one F32 i18n test day; [[Test_Day:2020-03-10_I18N_Test_Day]]

I'm closing the issue now, but feel free to contact me directly, if you run into any additional issues.

Metadata Update from @jskladan:
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4 years ago

Thank you.
My bad actually. Some contributor actually changed expanded form to short form in the old F31 testday metadata page and I blindly copied previous page to this new F32 page and did further changes to it.

Is there some documentation/help page where we could highlight this issue, so that people won't trip over it again?

@kparal yes, there is documentation:
and linked from that page is:

But that won't protect you from a copy-paste error, I think.

I agree, that the error message(s) could/should be way more comprehensive, but let's have that conversation elsewhere: #9

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