#32 Ignore the #anchor part in URL to prevent mistakes
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I was creating pages for gnome test week which comes at a short notice.
Firstly created the metadata page and passed it to /admin and it did gave me results page 149[0]
and then I decided to delete a bunch of test cases which and split the chunky rows and when I passed again it spit was results 150[1]


My understanding says, the /admin is looking at the link as the basis.. when results of 149 was created, I passed https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2023-03-06_Gnome_44_Desktop_and_Core_Apps_TestdayApp_Metadata#TestdayApp_Metadata and the next time just https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2023-03-06_Gnome_44_Desktop_and_Core_Apps_TestdayApp_Metadata .. I assumed the app would handle it and update but it didn't, just created a fresh new page.


Delete 149 from the results page from db if we dont have time to update the codebase

I think we don't mind the extra entry that much, we don't need to delete it manually from the DB.

But it's true that testdays app could try to prevent these mistakes. It should be quite easy to take the URL and only consider the part before the first hash mark. I'm not aware of any use case where we would need to consider the full URL, and ignoring the #anchor part would prevent these mistakes in the future.

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