#27 Results are multiplicated if the same test case exists in multiple sections
Opened 2 years ago by lnie. Modified a year ago

I only entered the Virtual-install x86_64 result of the Installation part to this page[1]
but found the result is synced to Virtual-install of the aarch64 part


This has happened again here:

geraldosimiao: when I filled the results at spreadsheet's first line "INSTALLATION" it replicated at the aarch64 line too, but I'm not using aarch64, I'm doing at X86_64

It seems that if there is the same testcase in multiple sections, the results are submitted to all sections under that testcase.

@jskladan @lbrabec Can you please fix this?

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a year ago

As a temporary workaround, I attached #aarch64 suffix to testcase URLs in the aarch64 section. That makes testdays-web think they are different test cases, while leading to the same effective URL:

While we could implement support for two exactly same URLs in testday metadata, it would create a problem when renaming sections or moving test cases between sections. And that it a very common use case. After discussion with @jskladan, the best approach seems to be to simply show an error when creating an event which contains two exactly the same URLs. It would include an advice to use #something as part of the URL to distinguish them, if you want to have the same testcase URL present multiple times.

Metadata Update from @kparal:
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a year ago

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