#3 Optionally report size issues to Bugzilla
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It'd be good if relval size-check could automatically file/update bugs for size issues. I'd envisage using standardized aliases for this, similar to how blocker bugs work: basically we'd have an alias something like F28oversize-kde-live, or similar, with the release number, subvariant and image type. If a bug with that alias didn't exist, then we'd create it; if a bug with that alias did exist, we'd add a comment with the compose ID and the new sizes. Something like that.

I'd like relvalconsumer to use this to automatically report size issues for new events right when it creates them, but I'll have to remind myself how python-bugzilla auth works to see if we can make that unattended.

So this is something of a hot topic for F31 Beta :)

This is implemented as of 2.4.5. I might have to shake out a few bugs in production, but it's done. authentication depends on python-bugzilla, unattended auth can be done by stashing a client cert, API key or username and password in the bugzillarc config file.

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