This repository contains miscellaneous small scripts and tools written and used by the Fedora QA team.

It was split from a larger repository, fedora-qa.git, which used to exist on the old Fedora Hosted platform. Information on the other projects which used to be in fedora-qa but were split out is in


A convenience script for attaching files to bug reports from the command line.


Downloads latest resultsdb results for a testcase and dumps them to a JSON file for easy overview/comparison.


Parses downloaded resultsdb results and prints selected fields to stdout.


Finds builds with a specific problematic tagging state in Koji, the Fedora package build service.


Find conflicting files in a repository.


Creates test packages (or rather, just one test package, at present) for testing package management tools. It's currently used only for openQA tests of package management tools. It is rarely run, as the packages and repos it creates are stored permanently on a server for the tests to use.


Aids in tracking so called 'previous release blocker bugs'. These are cases where a bug in a current stable Fedora release is considered to block the release of a pending new Fedora stable or pre-release. It helps us check whether all such 'previous release blockers' have gone stable.


Creates the release blocker and freeze exception tracker bugs for a new Fedora release, and updates the Trackers wiki page. It is intended to be run manually when a new release comes out, and it:

  • Creates tracker bugs for the next release but one
  • Moves the 'dynamic aliases' from the specified release to the next release
  • Updates the Trackers page


Each script contains a license definition in its header. Copies of the relevant licenses are included as COPYING.* files.