#2 Handle `{{result}}` results with bug refs in comments (as produced by testdays app) better
Opened 7 years ago by adamwill. Modified 7 years ago

When a reporter includes a bug ID in a report, the testdays app produces something like {{result|fail}} <ref>{{bz|123456}}</ref>, not {{result|fail||123456}}.

Currently we don't really handle this well, we don't count the report as 'referencing' bug 123456 in this case. We do handle this kind of thing for the old {{testresult}} template, but not {{result}}.

I'm a bit worried about false positives if we just go ahead and count every {{bz|somenumber}} in the comments of a {{result}} result as a 'referenced bug', but it's probably better than just ignoring them.

Note that TestDayPage.fix_app_results() tries to 'fix' this by moving the IDs from the comment into the template, but it's pretty limited. It doesn't handle 'long' refs, and it doesn't handle any case where there's some other text after the {{bz}} template. And it's probably better just to handle this in parsing than by editing the pages, I think.

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