#185 Update password change needle and code to FreeIPA 4.8.9
Merged 3 years ago by adamwill. Opened 3 years ago by abbra.
fedora-qa/ abbra/os-autoinst-distri-fedora fix-freeipa-password-change  into  master

@@ -0,0 +1,15 @@ 

+ {

+   "area": [

+     {

+       "type": "match",

+       "height": 13,

+       "xpos": 630,

+       "ypos": 450,

+       "width": 105

+     }

+   ],

+   "properties": [],

+   "tags": [

+     "freeipa_webui_reset_password_button"

+   ]

+ }

@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ 

      assert_and_click "freeipa_webui_reset_password_link";

      wait_still_screen 3;

      type_safely "batterystaple";

-     type_safely "\t\t";

+     type_safely "\t";

      type_safely "loremipsum";

      wait_screen_change { send_key "tab"; };

      type_safely "loremipsum";

OTP field was moved into the last position in the password change dialog
to prevent issues with OTP code expiring while users enter their

Signed-off-by: Alexander Bokovoy abokovoy@redhat.com

Build succeeded.

We at least need to make the tab change conditional on Fedora > 31, I think, because you don't seem to be sending 4.8.9 as an update to F31 it will still need two tabs.

We also shouldn't really do it for F32 until the update goes stable, but we could add the update to the 'workarounds' to allow that - just add this update to the F32 workarounds array (can also add the F33 one to the F33 array, though it probably doesn't really matter yet). That way this update will be pulled in on all F32 update tests and so they'll always get the 'new' UI.

ok, I guess @abbra knocked off for the day, so I'll merge this and clean it up in a subsequent commit. Thanks.

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3 years ago