#313 Change addrepo_metalink test to use cmdline arg or kickstart, or remove it
Closed: Fixed 2 months ago by adamwill. Opened 3 months ago by adamwill.

anaconda team removed graphical configuration of additional repositories. This test was testing that functionality, so we should either adjust it to use a kickstart or the inst.addrepo cmdline arg, or just remove it.

We test inst.addrepo incidentally in the update tests, but I think not in the compose tests. And we don't use a metalink in the update tests. So I guess it may be worth keeping the test but adjusting it to use inst.addrepo, even though it was initially added as a regression check for the GUI.

This feature isn't in the criteria, AFAICS - the test case in the wiki is marked Optional - so this isn't mind-bendingly urgent.

Well, it seems you can't specify a metalink with inst.addrepo, so the only way to do this now would be via a kickstart. I think I'll just drop the test.

Went ahead and did that.

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2 months ago

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