#28 New Atomic installer ISO test that builds an image 60GB or larger so that /home is created
Opened 6 years ago by acarter. Modified 3 years ago

This is to catch issues like the one reported here in the future: https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/ticket/6332

In fact we should think about this wrinkle beyond simply the Atomic case - we should consider having at least one 'large disk' test in the universal set, I guess. Not sure if we want to have openQA actually checking whether a separate /home is created or whether we should treat that as an anaconda implementation detail and only check that the installed system boots.

acarter, I think the description is oph here? The summary is phine, though.

Phixed! Now that we know we are actually testing the right images.

so I just got back to this - it's easy enough to add a test, but long enough has passed that I don't recall quite what the failure mode was. What do we need to check after the install is complete? Should there be a separate /home ? Should there not be? Do we need to check for free space in / , /home, what?

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